Why DIY Corporate Videos Are A Bad Idea

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Why Diy Corporate Videos Are A Bad Idea Blog by Merlin Productions LLC

With massive developments in technology like smartphones, laptops, and software, many businesses have become self-sufficient in different fields. Using technological products and applications, mainly in business, has enabled multiple companies to manage specific tasks by themselves (like billing, communication, digital marketing, and more). As a result, several firms have been able to save a great deal of time and resources, which has encouraged them to get more adventurous with their DIY approach.

Unfortunately, do-it-yourselfers aren’t suitable for all business activities, especially corporate video production. You may argue that everybody has an HD 4K rectangle in their pocket and an editing app on their laptop to perfect images and videos anytime they need to. But the truth is, photography and videography skills go way beyond merely having affordable technology at your disposal.

To help you understand what we’re talking about, Merlin Productions LLC has listed three reasons why DIY corporate videos are a bad idea.

1. Perfection is in the details.

Some companies send out their secretaries with iPhones to capture video content for their websites and social media. These are usually shot as if they are in a bar with friends or at a soccer match, vertically and not horizontally (as if you are watching TV). Some businesses purchase a decent 4K camera at any big box store for less than $1,000 to capture high-resolution videos that look home-made.

We know that camera phones are getting advanced and professional cameras are more accessible than they used to be. But let’s face it, the videos you see that make you go “wow!” are produced with professional gear and most of all by people who are experts. These professionals know how to make the best use of light and audio to enhance a video and tell your story to the world. So, if you want to reflect the image of your company and expect it to “wow,” your audience, you might need to reconsider your DIY media production.

2. DIY productions could cost more.

If you plan to market your brand with video content, you may feel investing in the equipment and producing your marketing content yourself will be cheaper. However, as a novice to video-making and marketing, you may have unrealistic expectations and end up with questionable results. To undo the impact of your own videos, you will ultimately need to hire a professional and spend twice as much (or more) for quality content.

3. Editing isn’t solely about the apps you use.

Quality video production and editing do not require a license. What it does need is skill. When putting together video content, you must possess creative skills to enhance the final product. Experienced video editors understand the sequence of conceptual content, the power of transition effects, and the need for audio mastering. They also know different techniques to deliver an impactful video in a short duration. That means, the quality of your editing doesn’t lie in the apps you use.

Do things right the first time by hiring a skilled professional.

As you can see, a professional video producer is someone who knows all the aspects of production from concept to final mastering and delivery. They can easily steer you in the right direction to help you achieve your goals. As specialists, they understand the market and the video production process, which saves you from clawing your way through a project.

Video producers know how to work a camera, beyond its auto-features. They can even manipulate lighting, capture clear audio, edit video content frame by frame, and can do about a hundred other things to improve your video content.

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